Cinematography, Compositing, Motion Graphics, Animation... I love it all!

2D Animation

Role: Animator, Sound, Editor.

Demo Reel

A glimpse of my work, which includes cinematography, editing, motion graphics, and 2d/3d animation.

Kahr Arms

Leading USA based manufacturer of high-quality concealed carry pistols, Kahr Arms asked us to create a series of spots to help showcase their history, beliefs, and innovative designs.


This commercial highlighting the AFP's top talent, aired on ESPN at the opening of the AFP World Tour Finals.


Interactive Video Learning Platform developed for Macy's to help educate and train their employees. Role: Camera Op, Editor, Motion Graphics, Compositor, Interactive Developer.

Srixon Interactive

Interactive html5 Video showcasing Srixon's new line of golf clubs. Role: Camera Op, Editor, Motion Graphics, 360 VR & Interactive Integration.


Custom 3d and 2d animation combined with motion graphics to create a dynamic explainer video for Atlas Space Operations.


Custom 3d animation explaining the process of Fusion Coolant Systems.


Amway needed a way to showcase CMP, and that's what we did. Custom video mixed with motion graphics and compositing for a job well done.


Take off and fly with me as you watch a small portion of the places I've captured from the sky.

Retro UI

Custom 2d animation showcasing a fun look into what Retro UI can do for those who use Microsoft.